About us



PharmaVigil was founded in 2013. With the aim of providing complete, high-quality consulting services in the are of drug development and safety and application of good bussines practices in manufacturing, control and distribution of medicinal products and oversight of the drug safety profile during and after the approval of marketing authorization.

Our expertise covers both veterinary and human medicinal products.

We offer services of local PV responsible person for Portugal.

We won the highest grade of creditworthiness AA+ and we belong among the 7.2% of top Croatian companies.

We offer the services of notification/registration of food supplements and regulatory services for all types of medical devices.

We cover the following countries: Croatia, Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Slovakia, CZ Republic, Turkey, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Serbia, Northern Macedonia.

Excellent ratio of price and quality of our service, easy communication and high flexibility in business procedures as much as constant improvement and tracking the global trends are aour greatest advantages.

Contact us with trust and we will exceed your expectations.

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